About me

DSCF0280 (2)I am an experienced academic proofreader and editor

My name is Geoff Wood. I have over 15 years experience working as a freelance proofreader and English language editor for academics and students, both native and non-native English speakers throughout the UK (e.g. Cambridge, Dundee, Reading) and abroad (primarily in Europe, Africa and South America).

Although my current academic and professional specialisation is in energy and environmental law, policy and regulation, I have extensive interdisciplinary experience and knowledge across the sciences, arts and humanities and the social sciences and related areas, e.g. I have a BSc(hons) in Geology and Geography, a BSc (hons) in Animal Behaviour and Ecological Geography, an MSc with distinction in Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling and a PhD in Energy Technology Law, Policy and Regulation. I also have experience in the areas of planning, resilience and sustainability. My particular background facilitates my ability to understand where students and academics are “coming from” with regard to their work, and in turn this enhances my ability to improve the work that I do!

I am a native English speaker with experience teaching, tutoring, supervising and examining students in a broad and diverse range of subjects. In addition to my own academic experience (e.g. essays, dissertations, thesis, reports, etc) I also have personal experience in academic publishing (books, book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, blogs, reports, consultancy) and am an official editor for the world-class journal Planning and Environment C: Government and Policy. Please feel free to click on to the link here or here to access my professional webpages.

Having experienced first hand the difficulties and stress that many of you will be experiencing, I make every effort to ensure that my service is responsive to your needs, with the aim to provide a service that both de-stresses your work, leaving you free to enjoy it more and, by providing a highly polished and professional piece of work, allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work!

For more information about my proofreading service, click on the Contact Me heading for details.

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