Please bear with me as the Academic Proofreading and Editing website is being updated and improved! This will modernise the website to enhance ease of access, sharing and offer new services including online video tutorials covering the basics of proofreading and editing for all clients.

In the meantime, full proofreading and editing (and all other) services remain available. I can still be contacted through the usual email address:

E: | M: 07772126233 (within UK) 00 44 7772126233 (outside UK)

Hello! Welcome to the website for Dr Geoff Wood’s Academic Proofreading and Editing Services.

I offer a professional academic proofreading and English language editing service to native and non-native English language students and academics at highly competitive prices.

My service is comprehensive, offering a range of inclusive services beyond those typically provided by proofreading services. In addition to checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and referencing I also check the overall sense of your work, e.g. have you answered your research question(s) and aims and objectives? How have you done this? Is it appropriate? I do this by checking for cohesion and logic of argument, context, structure and presentation and editing, i.e. to clarify sentences, etc. where the meaning is not as clear as could be and offer suggestions to refine and improve the piece of work. Overall, my service will improve the readability and presentation of your work.

With over 15 years experience in academic proofreading and English language editing, I offer a professional service to students and academics that takes the stress out of writing, submitting and publishing essays, dissertations, PhD theses, articles and reports, whether to a college, university, peer-reviewed journal or other organisation. Resulting in a highly polished and professional document, this leaves you free to concentrate on writing, confident that the examiner will assess your output purely on the content (all your hard-work!).

With extensive academic and professional experience in the sciences, arts and humanities and social sciences over many years, I understand that different people will have different requirements and that deadlines can arrive faster than we hope! Responsive to your personal needs, my service is both fast and accurate and includes the option to discuss your concerns and aspirations (e.g. via skype, telephone or face-to-face, where possible).

Please contact me for a chat about your work and a free quote.

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