There are three basic prices:

  1. £18.00 (GB pounds) per 1,000 words for pieces of work up to 25,000 words in size (e.g. essays, articles, undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, small reports, etc.)
  2. £14.00 (GB pounds) per 1,000 words for larger pieces of work (e.g. PhD thesis, reports, etc.)
  3. £15.00 (GB pounds) per 1,000 words for books

Please note that costs can change due to very short deadlines and for unusual (bespoke) and/or complex pieces of work. Just get in touch to discuss your specific requirements!

All services include:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Checking for cohesion and logic of argument, contextual issues and structure of the document (e.g. is the argument logical, does the structure of the piece fit together, does it do what is aims to do, etc)
  • Presentation – this will be carried out in line with specified institutional or format requirements as discussed
  • Editing (e.g. to clarify sentences, etc where the meaning is unclear or not as clear as it could be and to offer suggestions in order to refine and improve the piece of work) and to improve word choice
  • Checking referencing format for consistency
  • Direct contact via Skype, WhatsApp, telephone or, where possible, face-to-face, to discuss your work (e.g. a preliminary chat so that I can gain a full understanding of your work, your aims and aspirations and during proofreading and editing in order to discuss any issues that may arise during the process in order to speed up and enhance the service and the output!

Full referencing service

I also offer a full referencing service for an extra £1.00 per 1,000 words. This includes making sure that all references are accounted for (e.g. in-text referencing is done appropriately and matches the bibliography list) and highlighting sentences, etc that should be referenced to support arguments, etc.

Bespoke PhD viva preparation service

Further, for £135.00 (GB pounds) I offer a new bespoke service in preparing candidates for the viva voce PhD oral exam based on my experience both as a PhD student and as an external examiner for other people’s PhDs. Please click on the Bespoke PhD Viva Preparation Service heading to find out more about this unique service.

Payment guidelines

Payment should normally be made in advance. However, I understand that people can sometimes be worried with using an online service for the first time (if this is the case). Therefore, I am happy to accept payment in installments (e.g. an initial payment upon agreement and upon delivery of the final proofread/edited, etc piece of work). For large pieces of work, the total fee can be divided into installments typically paid in advance (e.g. on a chapter-by-chapter basis). Again, please get in contact to discuss this.

The easiest and cheapest method of payment is by transfer or depositing the payment directly to my bank account. I can also accept payment by money transfer (e.g. Western Union, Paypal, etc). This means that you can use my service from outside the UK where I am based as easily as someone living here! I do not accept cheques, and all bank fees must be covered by the client.

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