What I do

  • Before commencing to proofread and edit your work, I will arrange to have a discussion with you about the piece in order to enhance my overall understanding of what you are doing, your aims and aspirations. This improves my ability to work on your document.
  • I will read your document fully and carefully (e.g. word by word) to improve my understanding of your work. This also enables a “fresh pair of eyes” to assess your work, in terms of how well you have explained yourself and set out your ideas and concepts, etc. This approach means that I am in an excellent position to pinpoint any lack of clarity or confusion in your work. When one is very close to the work in question, it is often difficult “to see the woods for the trees.” One of the key aims of my service is to help you avoid this situation!
  • Use ‘Track Changes’ to record every single change made to your document, giving you ultimate discretion over any changes made and to better understand the changes.
  • Use ‘Comments’ to elaborate on changes that I have made or to highlight any issues or concerns. Comments can also include suggestions, where applicable.
  • At pre-agreed points in the process, we can discuss any issues or problems (via skype, email, telephone or face-to-face) – this means that you will be kept up-to-date with the process. I also often find that if any significant issues are highlighted and discussed with the author as early as possible, this will give them more time to think about how they want to address them, thus facilitating meeting deadlines.
  • I am also very happy to discuss any issues you have after you have accepted the final proofread and edited version of your work.

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